Never book with Ryanair at weekends

Never book with Ryanair at weekends

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If you must use Ryanair (and our advice is – don’t) then do yourself a favour and do not use the airline’s online booking service at weekends. If anything goes wrong, there is absolutely nothing you can do – the switchboard is closed, and in our experience nobody answers their premium rate enquiry line – that’s right, their 1 Euro a minute enquiry line is apparently unmanned. They areally are the most hateful bunch of swine, as everyone agrees.

The disgusting customer service extends to their appallingly shoddy web site – I recently booked a trip for three one saturday evening, and when I pressed confirm I got back a message “this session is locked.” A few minutes later an email arrived confirming I had been booked on the wrong flight.

There was absolutely nothing I could do about it until the following week, but which time the flight I actually wanted to book might be sold out. There are plenty of web sites that specialize in reporting Ryanair ripoffs – try this one


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