Why fly when you can take the bus?

Why fly when you can take the bus?

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All aboard

THE FIRST EVER BUS SERVICE from London to Australia reached its final destination last Sunday (9th December) after an epic three month voyage.Josh Loeb reports:

OzBus provides people wishing to travel from London to Sydney with an alternative to flying, up to a point. The company claims to support “sustainable eco-tourism.” However, the service does include one flight – from East Timor to Darwin in Australia.

Mark Creasey, the company’s founder, said media interest had led to difficulties during the inaugural journey.


$600 gets your house on solar power

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Reading an interesting/informative article by Rex Ewing titled “Piecing together a spanking-new $600 solar-electric system,” we were appalled that this pioneer of alternatives to standard grid living could be the same Rex Ewing who played guitar in the naughtily brilliant SHAGNASTY band.

Fortunately its a different Mr. Ewing — a knowledgeable practitioner on the maturing frontier of solar applications…..and this is what he had to say:

Got 600 bucks hiding in an old book somewhere? Maybe it’s time to bring electricity into that little homestead you’ve got tucked away in the woods. But wait a minute, you say, with justifiable hesitancy. Solar-electric systems all cost thousands, don’t they? No, just the expensive ones.


Biofuel with the groceries

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Lucy Neville-Rolfe

Owning a biodiesel car will be easier in future now that Britain’s top supermarket group Tesco Plc is set to expand its sales of biofuels over the next few months with UK duty incentives helping make them competitively priced, said company executive Lucy Neville-Rolfe.

But maybe the best answer is to make your own biofuel, and cut Tesco out of the loop.

How to Make BiodieselHow to Make Biodiesel – buy it from Amazon UK for £5.99 and 4% goes to Off-Grid

How to Make Biodiesel – Amazon US


Tour of Colorado solar homes

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90% solar powered

Its the National Solar homes tour October 1st and 2nd. You can get all the lowdown from http://www.ases.org/tour/index.htm. The Colorado Renewable Energy Societyis typical of what is going on across the land.

The Boulder Area Tour, Saturday, October 1, starts at the Center for ReSource Conservation, 1702 Walnut St.,
Boulder. Call 303-441-3278 for information. Guidebooks are also available at the Nederland Community Center on Highway 72.

Sixteen homes will be featured in Saturday’s Boulder Tour.


Why we recommend Ecotricity

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This site is all about living off the grid, so why are we carrying an ad for power delivered down the grid?

Well, let’s face it — one reason is that we need the money which will come from each one of you that switches from an old dinosaur power supplier to this new, young, vibrant company (that’s enough suck-ass – Ed!).

But there are two other reasons why we are proud to recommend Ecotricity to our UK readers:


Make money and save the planet

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Solarworld – not the only one going north

Alternative Energy firms across Europe are considering floating their shares in the coming months as the soaring price of oil makes solar and wind power ever more attractive than costly and polluting fossil fuels.

We see money going to solar and wind. Governments recognise the fact that those technologies have entered the market and see the necessity for further development to make them more efficient and cheaper.


Building the future

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“From Rhetoric to Reality” is a short series of seminars in the UK, aimed at the growing numbers who are taking Sustainable Building from a quirky minority occupation into a mainstream activity. That process will take years, and these meetings bring together some key players with newbies coming into the fast-growing segment of the building industry.

Sustainable Refurbishment

Thursday 22nd September

CREATE Centre, Bristol

A one-day conference on refurbishment for: housing associations, housing managers, property maintenance contractors, architects and designers, and HECA officers.


My free loft in central London

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There’s something incredibly exciting about getting into an abandoned building — a huge, disused factory. It gets you right there, you’re scared and a bit disgusted because it’s dirty, but the size of it is just overwhelming. Never mind the dirt, the dust, the pigeon shit and the graffiti on the walls, we’ve just got into 4 storeys of free, empty, hundreds of square meters of space!


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